Our Story

Design a way forward to a more sustainable future

Closing the loop on the linear economy

At Bivio, we'll help you strategically shift your business model and operations, towards the circular economy, future-proofing your organisation as a result. Drive growth, innovation, sustainability and transformative change with circular economy strategies.

Together, we can transform supply and value chains, to create closed loops that enable businesses and communities to succeed and thrive.
Bivio will empower you through the entire process, showing the pathway from the vision to successful execution.

Change driven by disruptors or stakeholder priorities, sees every node of the supply and value chain yearning for transformation. We know that getting everyone on the same page can be challenging. Bivio's strength is bringing people together and uniting them under a common purpose; to mitigate risk, and creating resilient supply chains that engage employees and your customer base.

Bivio aims to identify the hidden value and unlock its potential with critical thinking. Using analytical skills and human empathy to design a transformational roadmap of initiatives to better engage with your stakeholders. This roadmap provides a clarity of action that engages and motivates employees, unlocks business growth opportunities, mitigates risks, reduces operations waste and transforms the business to decouple growth from material consumption.

Our talents extend to loosening up the 'silo mentality' and overcoming the objections that this creates. Bivio works to find the human connection. We speak your language and therefore can engage in more meaningful ways to help your stakeholders see the bigger picture and leverage sustainable strategies that will transform operational challenges into innovative solutions to get your organisation on the right track.

Our Founder

Rocio Rutter

Founder & CEO

Rocio Rutter is the Founder and Director of Business Transformation at Bivio. She is a strong advocate for taking the first steps toward a future that aligns with Sustainable Development Goals. Drawing on over 20 years of experience, she has carefully crafted a skill set that will create much-needed innovation within business.

Her vision is to see supply and value chains transformed to have embedded circular economy practises within them. Empowering organisations to work together to achieve the common goal of a more sustainable future. Rocio works to break down barriers with empathy, technology and stakeholder engagement, to drive circular economy fuelled transformation.

She works closely with business leaders across various industries and organisations to develop sustainable business strategies and models that are future-proof. All whilst capitalising on opportunities and mitigating risks. Utilising Agile Innovation and Systems Thinking, Rocio transforms business and operations strategy by designing bespoke circular economy strategies and new business model executions.

A thought leader and keynote speaker, she approaches her work from an informative perspective using the tools of cross-collaboration and technology. With a purpose-led impact, she shares ideas with change drivers and learns from experiments, believing that pairing circular economy practices and digital transformation technology can achieve outstanding results.

Our alignment to the United Nations Sustainable Goals

Bivio Consulting recognises the importance to align all our initiatives towards achieving and delivering the targets set under the United Nations Sustainable Goals. Specifically, we have developed our services and how we measure success, based on meeting the targets of this specific goals:

  • Bivio commits to help organisations build inclusive and industrial sustainable development.

  • Enhancing the application of science, technology and innovation, therefore encouraging greater investment in skills and education, employment creation & standards.

  • Influencing on the means of implementation to consider for industry consumption and production patterns, social development and environmental protection.

  • Working with industry (small, medium, large) and business sector; local, estate and federal government authorities to lead by example on how and what they consume through their procurement teams.

  • Integrate material health in our industrial sector as a competitive advantage that drives product innovation whilst minimises the use of natural resources and toxic materials as well as the emission of waste and pollutants over the lifecycle of the service or product.

  • Bivio core principles and values and strongly linked to this UNSG Goal, delivering impact through one of its key parameters: Developing National Sustainable Strategies.

  • Working with public and private sectors across many value chains to collaborate and develop a joint strategy targeting social, economic and environmental objectives are balanced and integrated.

  • We also commit to foster, educate and create awareness on regenerative practice across value chains at our own cost.

Leveraging our core strength and value differentiator or knowledge diversity (business, technology & circular / systemic thinking) as levers that foster and incubate the following:

  • multi-stakeholder partnerships and voluntary commitments

  • sustainable trade

  • digital technology adoption acceleration

  • science guidance & innovation pathways

  • sustainable financial inclusion.