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My top 7 insights from Circularity 2022

A first of its kind event developed by PlanetArk for Circular Economy practitioners, pioneers and adopters. Two days to reflect on what has been achieved so far, what it is yet to be done and what areas to consider when pursuing a Circular Economy transformation.

What are the most important facts about circular supply chains today?

A new way of thinking is required to understand the systemic challenges supply chain leaders face today and to capitalise on the opportunities for a new way of growth and resilience.

How to successfully apply circular strategies to mitigate supply chain risk

Supply chains have made the news recently and not in a good way. As we approach the holiday season businesses are struggling to send and receive goods across global value networks. A real crisis for supply chains has emerged, it’s tough out there for supply chain leaders, but how can circular strategies turn this ship around?

Why circular procurement is the most important step in an organisation’s resilience journey. How to step into the unknown

Procurement functions are heading for a function shake-up over the next few months to years. CPOs will be at a cross-road. The trajectory they take will be the difference between an outcome of “extinction”, due to a combination of technology automation and outsourcing, or “promotion” upgrading as a strategic & competitive force for organisational resilience. This article describes What does this mean, Why is circular procurement the way forward and How to go about it.