Circular Value Chain Transformation

We believe that circular transformation is not about the destination but the journey. Every step we take, no matter how big or small will help us restore and regenerate our natural systems.

Bivio is a for-impact social enterprise created to transform supply chains by addressing the barriers that have limited performance; leveraging collaboration, systemic thinking, digital technologies and circular business models to unlock the benefits of sustainable growth in a circular economy.

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Why Bivio?

Our focus area is centred around defining and implementing circular supply chains. We have carefully identified the areas across the value chain that organisations will need to target as part of their circular transformation. We believe those areas represent a current business challenge and an opportunity to deliver sustainable value & #buildbackbetter

Our value proposition is to bring diversity of knowledge at the intersection of:

  • Circular Economy principles, business models and Systems Thinking

  • Supply Chain & Business Transformation

  • Digital Platforms & Acceleration

Our Services

At Bivio, we acknowledge businesses face a time where results-driven actions are needed now more than ever.

This is why, although our services have been designed as bias-for-action from the start, we are happy to tailor the journey to your specific needs and goals.

Smart Waste Management

  • Business & Opportunity case

  • Waste streams identification across current supply chains

  • Digital Waste Management - insights & recommendations

  • Waste Management Innovation Cycle

Circular Procurement (CP)

  • CP maturity assessment, gap analysis - call for action

  • Lifecycle analysis - selected spend categories

  • Digital & Marketplace optimisation initiatives

  • Circular supplier relationship Innovation Cycle

Circular Business Models

  • Opportunity assessment - redefining growth

  • Digital Roadmap for targeted circular business model

  • Circular Business Model Innovation Cycle

Collaboration Partners

Smart Waste Management Platform Partner